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All work is distributed for free, but your donations allow me to continue development. Any amount is appreciated.

Firefox 7.x-8.x, SeaMonkey 2.x, Thunderbird 7.x-8.x
Older releases are available in the archives -- please note that the archives are not supported or updated.
While this theme may work on alpha, beta, or release candidate builds, those types of builds are not officially supported. Requests for enhancements will only be addressed on final release versions of Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey.

Theme Activation
If the theme does not activate, try disabling an extesion (any extension - it's the process that is important, not the extension), restarting the application and then enabling the extension again. This process of disabling/enabling an extension flushes the theme cache, which will cause the theme to work. I have personally tested this methodology on Firefox, SeaMonkey, and Thunderbird and confirm that the process works.

If you are having difficulty using Personas with this theme in Firefox, please direct your comments, complaints and questions to the following sites -- as the Firefox developers specifically set up Personas to only work with the default theme.

Icon Source
Florian Freundt created the icons used in this theme. The icons come from the Orbital icon sets.

Revision History
Full compatibility with Firefox 7.x-8.x, SeaMonkey 2.x, and Thunderbird 7.x-8.x

Disabled menu items now have the image at 0.3 opacity instead of hidden completely
Tabs rounded and colored to work across all operating systems
Multiple row tabs functionality (TabMix Plus extension) restored
Focus rings on selected tabs removed

Folder icons themed ('move to' and 'copy to')
Address autocomplete icons themed

Header fonts adjusted
Toolbar grippies adjusted [SeaMonkey]
File bookmark window themed [SeaMonkey]
Download Manager themed [SeaMonkey]
Blank tab icons themed [SeaMonkey]

Collapsed attachment button themed
Previous / Next folder buttons themed
Account Central themed
Page Info window themed

Mail tab icons themed (correctly this time, last update had a typo)
New mail notification icon corrected.
Menus and Popupmenus themed natively, correcting 100% transparency issues with Fedora and Solaris.
Mail tab icons themed.
SeaMonkey mail tabs themed.

Themed window when messages opened in their own window
Secure URL bar highlights adjusted
Notification icon which appears new add-ons installed themed
SeaMonkey window menu icons themed
Email status icons adjusted

Offline button themed appropriately in the online state in all cases.
Lines underneath 'new tab' and 'close tab' buttons on the tabstrip removed [SeaMonkey].
Bookmarks window icons themed [SeaMonkey].
Page proxy favicon themed [SeaMonkey].

Theme re-written from scratch, using the light weight approach created by ShareBird. This methodology allows for inheriting all styles from the default theme, and only overriding the elements needed to create the custom theme. With this methodology, a single theme file works across Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey. Future updates due to application releases should be trivial to perform.

Theme fully compabile with Firefox 3 beta 5.

Theme fully compatible with Thunderbird 2.0

Theme fully compatible with Firefox 2.0

Theme fully compatible with Firefox 1.5

Modified "No Menuitems" theme option to correct alignment issues and to restore check and radio buttons next to some menu items (Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox / Thunderbird).
Removed icon in MRTech Local Install extension (v1.3.1) (Firefox)
Modified Label colors to persist through zebra striping (Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).

Modified "No Zebra" theme option to fix glitch with Message Compose window email selection (Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).
Updated code for new mail notification alert for Thunderbird 1.1 compatibility.
Menu misalignment for Options -> Format in Mesage Compose window fixed (Thunderbird).

Fixed problem with Thunderbird 1.1 nightly builds (Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor).

Removed top, left, and right border for toolbar area (Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox / Thunderbird).
Added a few more menu icons (Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox / Thunderbird).
Modified code to better accomodate extensions that add a menu item, fixing misalignment issues (Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox / Thunderbird).
Fixed another glitch with the "zebra striping" in the Mail window -- images are no longer used (Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).
Added support for the Local Install extension (Firefox).
Fixed icon for alerts (Firefox).
Previous fix for the "New Task" calendar button was not correct, now fixed (Thunderbird).
Thunderbird themes now compatible with 1.1 nightly builds.
Fixed glitch with the "No Menuitems" theme option, causing misalignment with some menu items.

Added more menu icons.
Fixed glitch with menu icons that hid the "Format" menu in Compose window (Thunderbird).
Added theme option to remove all menu icons.

Firefox "Home" button improvements (to act more like Mozilla when placed in Bookmarks Toolbar).
Firefox "Back" button dropmarker shifted to the right a few pixels.
Firefox preferences window in nightly builds now available.
Thunderbird Print Preview window buttons restored.
Thunderbird Calendar "New Task" button now themed.
Fixed mising radio buttons in menus for Thunderbird.
Removed left border for message pane (Mozilla / Netscape).
Removed left border on HTML pages (Mozilla / Netscape).
Toolbar grippies are now invisible except when hovered over (Mozilla / Netscape).
Re-design of the "zebra striping" in the mail window (Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).
Tab bar takes color of toolbar (Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape).
Notification available for bookmarks that have been updated (Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape).
New "flat" toolbar look (Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderibird).
CuteMenus icons incorporated into theme, no need for the extension (Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).
Theme option added to remove the "zebra striping" (Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).
Theme option added to restore the "non-flat" toolbar look (Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape / Thunderbird).

Fixed issue with Thunderbird themes not showing message label colors.
Slight tweaks to the "zebra striping" in the Mail windows -- this is really how I initially envisioned it.
• The previous "zebra striping" method was the best I could do at the time.

Firefox Search bar is 50 pixels wider.
Firefox Search bar dropmarker fixed.
Firefox secure site icon fixed.
Thunderbird throbber sizes dynamically based on where it is placed (that feature was broken in the last update).
Mail window now has "zebra striping" on the message pane.
Web Developer Toolbar (extension) bug fixed.

Firefox 1.0 fully supported.
Firefox url bar now changes to yellow on secure sites and displays the lock properly.
Firefox search bar down arrow restored.
Firefox find bar close button added.
Firefox plugin wizard code added.
Firefox bookmarks icon added in customize toolbar window.
Firefox sqaure theme option fixed.
Firefox home button will now scale down to 16 pixels when placed on the bookmaks toolbar.
Firefox & Thunderbird now have dynamic throbber sizing.
Thunderbird 0.9 fully supported.
Support for the Translation Panel extension added.
Support for the Tabbrowser Preferences extension added.
Back-end CSS changes for button rules.
Rounded url bar no longer breaks when using Large Fonts (120 DPI).
Calendar "New Task" button is now themed.

Major theme upgrade complete. Now compatible with Mozilla 1.7.3, Firefox 1.0 and Thunderbird 0.8.
Updated search bar changes for Firefox.
Updated extension manager changes for Firefox.
Added support for Live Bookmarks in Firefox.
Added support for the secure site url bar notification in Firefox.
Added support for the update icons in Firefox.
Fixed the missing Sync icon for Netscape Address Books.

Modified email link text colors in the header pane.
Modified the Menu item hover color to match the OS.

Fixed the About window for Firefox and Thunderbird on nightly builds.
Added code for the Popup Blocker and Extension install alert on Firefox.
Added Vcard support for Thunderbird.
Added support for the search bar in Thunderbird nightly builds.
Modified icons for read and unread mail.

Modified install.rdf for Firefox to work with nightly builds.
Fixed a glitch with Thunderbird that prevented installation.
Fixed the Safari Tabs theme option -- unvisited tabs were showing up white.
Fixed the plugins window for Firefox.
Updated code to properly theme the newest version of the Toolbar Enhancments extension.

Fixed problems with themes installing on Firefox 0.9 and Thunderbird 0.7 nightly builds.
The small buttons for the Enigmail and Toggle Preview Pane extensions were not showing up properly -- this has been fixed.
Support for the new button in the Web Developer Toolbar has been addded.
Added new styles for menulist descriptions.
Added new styles for bookmark updating.

Made theme take on more behaviors from operating system -- buttons now highlight in the system highlight color.
Menus change color to the system highlight color when hovered.
Safari-style tabs theme option added.
Modified brushed metal theme option to remove conflict with CuteMenus Office XP option.
Added code to make smileys in email appear for post Mozilla 1.6 builds.

Thunderbird themes were missing icons on the Insert popup menu in the Message Compose window -- fixed.

Modified brushed metal theme option to catch a few elements not themed properly.
Modified native tabs theme option to match the default theme more closely.
Modified XP background theme option to catch a few elements not themed properly.
Added theme option for blue "M" throbber.
Added support for the Scrollable Tabs extension.
Added new items for the Extensions window to Firefox nightly builds.
Added icons for the Firefox Help window (present by default in Firefox nightly builds).

Updated Linux filepicker icons for Thunderbird.
Updated Mozilla 1.7 themes to incorporate changes to cookie icon in status bar.
Added brushed metal background color as a theme option.
Modified the XP background color theme option so that it did not conflict with the highlight on the active tab.

Fixed alignment of Mail button in Firefox.

Added message status icon for messages that have been both replied to and forwarded.
Added support for the Search Button extension.
Fixed bug that squished the urlbar when placed on the bookmarks toolbar.
Now all tabs use stylized tabs, instead of native tabs (unless using native tabs theme option).
Added support for the ChromEdit extension.

Added support for the Buttons! extension to Thunderbird.
Added support for the Get All Messages extension to Thunderbird.
Added support for the new icons in the Web Developer Toolbar 0.7.
Added support for the Download Manager extension to Firefox.
Added support for the Quicknote extension to Mozilla, Firefox, and Thunderbird.
Fixed smileys in messages for Thunderbird 0.5+ and Mozilla 1.7b.
Fixed Calendar extension support in Thunderbird themes to allow alerts to show.
Restored the missing arrows in the print preview window for Mozilla 1.5 and above.
Modified the "Square" theme option for Firefox, to incorporate the new changes made to how the search, google, and url bars are handled.

New folder icons for Mail & Newsgroups.
On Mozilla 1.7b and Thunderbird 0.5+, the sub-menu for filing messages has been fixed.
On Mozilla 1.7b, the cookie icon has been fixed.
On Firefox 0.8, added support for the new Mail button.
On Firefox 0.8, added the ability to maintain a rounded search-bar for those who wish to enlarge it more than the default size.
For Thunderbird, added support for the Outbox extension.
New default tab behavior.

On Firefox 0.8, customized XPInstall icons.
Added support for the Googlebar extension.
Fixed multiweek button in the Calendar extension.
Added icons to the JavaScript Console.
For Mozilla/Netscape, modified header portion of messenger window to take system colors.

Added support for the Calendar extension.

Fixed about window for the new Firefox version.
Close tab hover state missing image Firefox.
Fixed transparency for Trobber box.
Fixed url bar alignment issue on left side of url bar that some were seeing.
Added support for the Web Developer Toolbar extension.

Added Smoke-styled Linux filesystem icons for Firebird.

Added support for the Toggle Preview Pane extension to Thunderbird 0.4.
Added a calendar icon to the status bar for Mozilla & Netscape.
Added a subskin option to have a background color like the default background color of Windows XP.
Added another subskin option -- for message status icons (for messages replied to, unread, forwarded, and folders with new mail).
Restored icons next to Linux filesystem names for Firebird.

Last update was missing the image for the editor formatting toolbar in Mozilla 1.2, that has been fixed.
Fixed Firebird version url bar favicons -- they were displaying a 16x19, rather than 16x16 pixels.
Mac Scrollbars code was corrupted, causing the system scrollbars to not display properly but this has been fixed.

Modified tab behavior for the page info window, and also for the Mozilla composer mode tabs.
Properly Skinned the new Add Bookmark window for Firebird.
Fixed search icons and search bar to implement new behavior in Firebird search bar.

Updated Thunderbird to skin the Offline extension and fixed the icon for the attachment column. Fixed an issue where you couldn't revert back to the default theme after installing the smoke theme for Tunderbird. Thanks to Sailfish for his help with this.

There is now the ability to skin the little corner that appears if there is a horizontal and vertical scrollbar. It used to be a "black hole" that was unskinnable, but now that's been fixed.

Firebird Download manager window styled. Fixed the Page Info window for Firebird at long last.
Thunderbird now has cut, copy, paste, mark buttons and an icon for the attachment column in the message header pane.

Due to a change in the Toolkit API, Firebird and Thunderbird releases later than 11/20 must use the 0.7+ and 0.3+ versions.

Minor update to clean up the squared url and search bar subskin.

Mozilla Thunderbird now has a small icon set. Fixed icons in subcribe window for Mozilla Thunderbird. Mozilla, Netscape and Mozilla Thunderbird now have full Enigmail support. Page theme icon for Mozilla Firebird cleaned up. There are now several subskins available for Smoke:
• native tabs
• active tab highlights
• different bookmark folder icons
• classic throbber
• squared url and search bars

Updates for Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3, and Firebird 0.7 -- scrollbars should show up on Mac platforms now, and the about window has been skinned. Firbird now displays proper tab bahavior.
Open Bugs:
• Firebird: Search bar custom width will not be skinned properly.
• Thunderbird: Switching back to the default, "Mozilla Thunderbird", theme does not work properly... Switching to other themes such as pinball do work though.

Miscellaneous bug fixes for Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3, and Firebird 0.7. New throbber thanks to Lim Chee Aun for all versions ofSmoke. New tab stle with permission from Chris Cook, derived from his Luna theme for Firebird. The About window has been skinned for Firebird.

Open bugs:
• Thunderbird: None.
• Mozilla / Netscape: None.
• Firebird: Search bar custom width will not be skinned properly.

To do:
•Create small icons for Firebird & Thunderbird.

There is now a version for Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 :) I do not know of any bugs yet -- If any are found please report them to me.

Fixed some bugs for Mozilla Firebird 0.7 version.
• Icon text is blue when hovered over, like in the Mozilla suite versions.
• Seems like the tab icons got lost in the previous version -- they are back.
• The "Page Info" window was corrupted in the previous version and has been fixed.
• By request, I made it more distinctive for which tab was active by making the text for that tab blue. I'd like comments on this please.

To do:
• Search bar custom width not skinned properly.
• Put together a small icon set.

There is now a version for Mozilla Firebird 0.7 :) The only known bugs with that version are:
• Search bar custom width will not be skinned properly.
• I want to have the icon text change color to blue when hovered over, like in the Mozilla suite versions of the theme.
• I have not put together a small icon set yet, but it is planned to have 24 pixel size icons.

Completely skinned AOL window! At the request of Bernie, the insecure site icon was modified to make it more distinguishable from the secure site icon.

Fixed issue with user-created folders not showing the folder icon. Did some major Netscape work: All the other toolbar icons (shop, toolbar search, radio, mail, im and my netscape) work.

Added sidebar icon for Netscape -- tried to fully skin AOL IM window but failed.

Chatzilla taskbar icon and support for Home Button extension added.
Modified tab-loading icon -- now using the one from the classic theme.
Enforced restriction on tab-icons from websites: at most 16 x 16 in size.

Theme released.